One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of
First Baptist Church, Bloomfield, NJ
 International Dessert Fellowship
On the weekend of November 24, 2001 we celebrated the 150 th Anniversary of our Church, thanking God for His faithfulness. One highlight was a drama of the founding of our Church in 1851, in full costume. Following that was an International Dessert Extravaganza, featuring delicacies from the native lands of our multi-ethnic church membership.

These Photos by John Miller, thanks John!   

Cake spans Centuries & Continents
Happy 150 th Anniversary First Baptist Church !
The Stoll's & friends share 50 years of memories
Bunny dispenses good 'ole American hospitality
Born in the U.S.A. !!!
Queen of the Canadian Maritimes
Desserts from every Land
Greeks bearing Sweets ?
Don't let that Flag fool you, they represent 
Africa, Greece & Hong Kong
What the well dressed wear in Manila
Del & Aurora look ready to govern a  
certain Asian nation
Ken & Barbara - 
Praise God for your faithfulness !!
Steve is an up-to-date techno guy, Pat prefers the slower times of 1851
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