Bloomfield High School, New Jersey 1925 Yearbook Historical Photographs & History

Bloomfield High School February 1925
Yearbook Photos & Memories

There were two graduating classes in 1925, February & June.

Bloomfield High School NJ 1924
High School, circa 1922 - before the building addition  (postcard)

This Basketball Team Photo is actually from the June 1924 Yearbook

Brass Band - 1924 -1925

Bloomfield High School New Jersey Football History
The Football Team, Coach Foley at right

Girl's Basketball, coached by Miss Russell, at left

Junior Class

Orchestra - Directed by Prof. Smith

Virginia Roake & Vernon Sohner, typical graduating seniors of February 1925

The Yearbook staff led by William Porzer, editor

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This page is a community service of First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, NJ. Our Church was founded in 1851 by local residents who desired to meet together for worship and the study of God's Word. During all the time spanned by these photos, First Baptist has had an involvement in the community life of the area, and a spiritual impact in the lives of it's people. Now, over 150 years later, that spiritual impact is as vital as ever. 

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