Bloomfield High School, New Jersey 1939
Yearbook Photos, Memories, History

Bloomfield High School  Students 1939, New Jersey
(Top, L to R) Lorraine Barese, Donald Bashore, Harold Behn, Bernadette Belanger
(Bottom L to R) Robert Betts, Beverly Bishop, Genevieve Bonkowski, Jesse Boone

Bloomfield High School  Sports 1939, NJ
Bloomfield High School Yearbook 1939, New Jersey
(Top, L to R) Ann Margolin, Robert Marsh, Miriam Marsters, William McAllister
(Bottom, L to R) Gertrude McCormick, Margaret McCrone, Marie McGlone, Jean McKenzie

Track Team, Bloomfield HS, New Jersey
Photograph of the Track Team, 1938-39 Bloomfield HS, NJ

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This photo page is a community service of First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, Essex County, NJ. Our Church was founded in 1851 by local residents who desired to meet together for worship and the study of God's Word. During all the time spanned by these historical photos, First Baptist has had an involvement in the community life of the area, and a spiritual impact in the lives of it's people. Now, over 150 years later, that spiritual impact is as vital as ever. 

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