Bloomfield New Jersey Historical Memorabilia


1863 Bank of Bloomfield Dollar Bill

The Bester Doll Co. of Bloomfield, NJ sold dolls to Consumers thru the Morimura Brothers only from 1918 thru 1921, thereafter they sold only parts to Doll Manufacturers. This rare complete Bester doll dates from circa 1918 and is constructed of high quality 'Composition', made and painted to look like Bisque, and is a sought after collectible.

During the first half of the 20th Century Bloomfield had approx 80 factories, employing thousands of people. Among the largest were General Electric, Westinghouse, Shering and Scientific Glass.

1938 Special Postal Cover

Westinghouse Factory Employee ID circa 1940
Westinghouse employed large numbers of people at it's Factory Complex in the Watsessing area of Bloomfield.
Here they manufactured Appliances, Electrical goods, Radios, Vacuum tubes, Light bulbs and Flash bulbs.

In 1962 Bloomfield New Jersey celebrated it's 150 th Anniversary. Pictured above are the front and rear of the three inch Bronze Medallion that was issued for the occasion, at left is the ceramic souvenir plate that became a collectible. A historical book was also written and distributed.


First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, NJ was founded in 1851 by Essex County residents who desired to meet together for worship and the study of God's Word. During all the time spanned by these photos, First Baptist has had an active involvement in the community life of Bloomfield, and a spiritual impact in the lives of it's people. Now, 150 years later, that spiritual impact is as important as ever!

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