Montclair New Jersey Historical Photographs & History
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Montclair Railway Stations, Schools & Views, Essex County NJ

m-rr-older10.jpg (27278 bytes)
Original Lackawanna Railroad station, looking east, c. 1908-10

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"New" Lackawanna Station, circa 1918. This station had two Train Platforms.

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Montclair Police and Fire Headquarters, postcard mailed 1905

The Montclair Fire Dept. shows off its' modern trucks, circa 1907

m-MtcYMCA-05.jpg (29546 bytes)
Montclair YMCA, photo circa 1905.

m-hs1914.jpg (65488 bytes)
Original High School, 1914. This Building now used as a Parochial School.

m-hs-theatre.jpg (90288 bytes)
Garden Amphitheater of "New" High School, photograph circa 1925

m-slope.jpg (53869 bytes)
Photo View from tall building on Bloomfield Av, looking southwest over Church St toward South Mountain Ave, c. 1925

This page is a community service of First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, in Essex County, NJ. Our Church was founded in 1851 by residents of Bloomfield & Montclair who desired to meet together for worship and the study of God's Word. Over the years and continuing today, many Montclair residents have been members of our church. During all the time spanned by these photos, First Baptist has had an involvement in the community life of the area, and a spiritual impact in the lives of it's people. Now, over 150 years later, that spiritual impact is as vital as ever. We're a multi-ethnic Church, we love visitors and we invite you to visit us!  -  07042


An early History of the Montclair Fire Department.
written by Henry Farmer in late 1884

Montclair inaugurated its first fire organization in the autumn of 1882, and prior to that time the town, like other country places, depended entirely upon the willing efforts of its citizens and the primitive household pail as a means to save burning property from destruction, or, as is more frequently the case where no apparatus is kept, to prevent the spread of the flames to adjacent buildings. Subsequent to a disastrous fire on Mountain Avenue, in 1882, a number of citizens talked over the necessity for some steps being taken to form a company to do fire service, and in response to a call sent out, a meeting was held in the town committee rooms on November 28th, at which it was reported that half the necessary amount of money to purchase a truck had already been raised, and that twenty-five members had enrolled their names for active service.

The company was duly organized on December 21, 1882, with the following officers: Foreman, Charles M. Schott, Jr., a former member of the Fire Department of Somerville, N.J.; Assistant Foreman, George Westerbrook; Secretary, Dr. Albert J. Wright, for several years connected with the Oswego, N.Y., Fire Department; Treasurer, Dr. James A. Casey. A contract was given but for a hook-and-ladder truck, which was received April 6, 1883, and was housed in the engine-house of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad by the courtesy of the officers of that company. On April 24th the company was incorporated under the State law of 1876 relating to fire companies. In December, 1882, the same officers were re-elected, and are now acting, with the exception of Dr. Casey, the treasurer, who resigned, and is succeeded by Robert M. Hening.

In January, 1884, a committee was appointed with authority to purchase additional apparatus, and they then procured a Babcock extinguisher, with two sixty-gallon tanks, and two small extinguishers attached. The town committee erected a frame house on the corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Valley road for the use of the Fire Department, and on the 24th of April last the company took possession of their quarters. A bell-tower has since been erected, and a bell weighing three thousand four hundred and ten pounds hung therein, the expense being borne by the township. The bell was first rung for a fire-alarm on the 18th of August, 1884. The town is divided into twelve fire districts, by the respective members of which the signal is given. A relief association was formed Sept. 17, 1883, and is now in s flourishing condition. There is also a fire police, consisting of six members of the company, appointed by the foreman, who is virtually the chief engineer of the department. The truck is fully equipped with ladders, pick-axes and other necessary implements, hooks, a large pump and twenty-four buckets. There is also a fifty-foot New York extension ladder in the truck-house ready for an emergency. The force numbers forty-seven members, nineteen for the chemical engine and twenty-eight for the truck. About two thousand dollars has been raised by private subscription to put the department on its present footing, and an appropriation of five hundred dollars was made by the township committee for the current expenses of the present year. Montclair now feels safer and is more content, for the town was a heavy sufferer from fire before its citizens were aroused to the necessity of establishing a system for the protection of their property.


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