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Parade circa 1906, looking north up Broad Street from Bloomfield Ave
The Bloomfield National Bank building with it's distinctive dome was built in 1903, and was replaced by the present
tall 'Frank Leo' building in 1930 when the bank merged with The Bloomfield Trust Company to create the Bloomfield Bank and Trust

Bloomfield New Jersey, circa 1899 history of bloomfield new jersey
Broad Street, looking south to
Bloomfield Ave. Circa 1899
Hill Building, Broad St, circa 1899

Broad Street, Bloomfield NJ - circa 1907

Glenwood Ave Railroad Station, circa 1908, before tracks were elevated in 1912

Vintage Bloomfield Center New Jersey NJ
Broad Street looking south to Bloomfield Ave, circa 1906

Broad Street looking south to Bloomfield Ave, circa 1910

Bloomfield Savings Bank -circa 1930
(now Provident Bank)
US Post Office on Washington St.
Thanks to Dorothy Johnson of the
Historical Society for ID'ing this photo.

Bloomfield Centre, circa 1906, looking west on Bloomfield Ave. Area of current Watsessing Park on left.


Bloomfield Center, Bloomfield NJ - photograph circa 1903 (no postmark)

Vintage Bloomfield Center, circa 1906
Bloomfield Centre, circa 1906, looking toward Bloomfield Ave from Glenwood Ave

First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, New Jersey was founded in 1851 by Essex County residents who desired to meet together for worship and the study of God's Word. During all the time spanned by these photos, First Baptist has had an active involvement in the community life of Bloomfield, and a spiritual impact in the lives of it's people. Now, over 150 years later, that spiritual impact is as important as ever!

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