Pastors of First Baptist Church, Bloomfield, New Jersey
1852 through 1903

Rev. John D. Meeson,
1852 - 53
Rev. James H. Pratt,
1853 - 58
Died March 23, 1878 age 81 years
Rev. Henry F. Smith,
1858 - 69
Rev. William F. Stubbert,
1869 - 1875
Pastor Stubbert was married
to Sarah Davis Dodd, her mother was a member of the Crane family,
her father a Dodd, both founding
families of Bloomfield. (He died 1891)
Rev. Ezra D. Simons,
1876 - 1887

see below
Rev. Charles A. Cook,
1888 - 1903
Membership grew during his
 Pastorate, a Sunday School wing was built and a new church started, Brookdale Baptist in the north end of town.
During the Civil War, Ezra D. Simons was a Chaplain serving the 125th New York State Infantry Volunteers. In 1888 he wrote the book: "History of the 125th New York State Infantry Volunteers" The photo of him at left dates from the Civil War era, circa 1862. His daughter Lao, born in 1870, would go on to become a well known Mathematics Professor.

These Portraits are from the 50th Anniversary Book of First Baptist Church, issued 1901

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