Top 10 reasons to visit First Baptist of Bloomfield

"We're not an organized church, we're Baptists!"

10. Free Beverages and Snacks after the service

9. Come as you are, or get dressed up, it's your choice

8. Our Pastor waves his arms when he preaches.

7. First Baptist puts the "FUN" back in Fundamentalist

6. Sheriff Andy, Aunt Bea & Opie attend here.

5. Haven't you seen enough Sunday morning cartoons?

4. 360 seats, no waiting

3. No "Dumb Pet Tricks"

2. All seats the same price, free

. . . and the number one reason for attending 
              First Baptist
is  .  .  .



1. If you come to our Castle you can meet the King!

At First Baptist Church of Bloomfield NJ, visitors are expected !

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First Baptist Church, 1 Washington St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003
We're in Bloomfield Center, cor of Franklin St. # 973-743-2400