Watsessing and Bloomfield New Jersey Historical Photographs, History
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 Bloomfield, New Jersey

Watsessing Centre, Bloomfield, NJ - circa 1900
Street scene showing at the far left the Mills & Zeim Plumbing and Tinning shop and 
next to it is the Chas. Bradley News Dealer, Stationer and Athletic Goods store.

Railroad Station at Watsessing section of Bloomfield, Empire Hotel at rear, circa 1907

bloomfield nj railroad edgerly gilson coal
In earlier days, the Railroad tracks were at grade level thru Watsessing. At far left is the office
of Edgerly and Gilson, dealers in coal, and later fuel oil. Just beyond is the Railway Station.

Residences, Watsessing Ave, circa 1903


Watsessing Bloomfield NJ
Residences, Dodd Street, circa 1905

Residences, Grace Street north of Watsessing Av, circa 1905

watsessing bank nj edgerly gilson
The Bank in Watsessing Center, circa 1925. Edgerly & Gilson Coal dealers at left.

Watsessing School in 1914
Watsessing Park & School - photo circa 1914

Watsessing Park Postcard, mailed 1908
The Watsessing School borders the south end of Watsessing Park



Bandstand in Watsessing Park, circa 1938

Field House in Watsessing Park, circa 1938

Lawn Bowling in Watsessing Park, circa 1938

Watsessing Park - photo circa 1935

Second River runs through Watsessing Park

Watsessing Park Field House - postcard circa 1945

The oldest image we have of the area that was about to become Watsessing Park, circa 1902

HISTORIC PROFILE OF WATSESSING PARK -   Watsessing Park is located on 69 acres in the Townships of Bloomfield and East Orange, in Essex County. The meandering Second River, joined here by Toney's Brook, flows through this long open park bounded by the Garden State Parkway, Glenwood Avenue, Cleveland Terrace, Dodd Street, and Bloomfield Avenue. It is the fourth largest park in the county system. One source says the name was derived from the Lenni-Lenape Indians, whose words for hill, (Watschu) and stone (Assan), are combined. The Rev. Charles Knox in his 1884 history of Bloomfield offers this alternative origin: "If a native name (for the town) was to be selected, Wataeson or Watsesing should have been chosen. This Indian name is said to mean crooked or elbow-like, and to have been applied to Third River, the principal stream of the present town, which is very crooked throughout its course, and which makes a large elbow near the centre of the town" Land acquisition for Watsessing Park began in 1901 when ten acres were donated by the City of East Orange to the Park Commission. Designed in 1899 by the Olmsted Brothers firm, it has been enlarged considerably since that time but reduced slightly when construction of the Garden State Parkway through Bloomfield in 1952 required the taking of some of the acreage.

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