Free Summer Event for kids!

Free Summer Event for kids!

VBS 2021

VBS 2021

"Back 2 FUN!"

"Back 2 FUN!"

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                  hank you for registering for the VBS 2021'Back 2 FUN!' event.




This is a friendly reminder that

Please read the instructions as some details

event will take place this Friday,

August 20, 2021.

have been changed.


Event Flow

Event Flow

a) Parking

We’re located at: 1 Washington Street, Bloomfield, NJ

We’ve received support from the Bloomfield Police Department to clear the street on the Franklin Street side. This area will be a “no parking” space so that it will be easier for you to drop off your child(ren) curbside.  Should you wish to park your car, you may park nearby curbside (meters require quarters until 6:00 p.m.) or park in our parking space next door (see map).


Please note that there is No Entry allowed from the Washington Street side of the church. Please walk around the corner and enter from the Franklin Street side for Check In.

b) Check In

Due to the high volume response, we have pushed up the gate opening from 5:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For your safety, please be sure to check in at the registration table, even if you already registered online. Provide the phone number you’ve registered with and the support at the table will process for your check-ins.


Once you check in, both you and your child(ren) will receive customized event wristbands. Please wear the wristband at any time during your visit.


c) Check Out

When you are leaving, please visit the registration table to check out. Each child will receive a grab bag to take home. We thank you for your cooperation in advance!


Safety Protocol

Safety Protocol

a) Covid Policy

There may be various concerns and opinions regarding COVID-19 handling.

We at First Baptist constantly monitor the situation and CDC protocol, government requirement.

Per high percentage of vaccination within our congregation and no presence of incidence, we’ve eased our Mask Mandating  and leave it to each believer. In the same way, we’ll extend the same condition to our guests at the event. In short, there is no Mask Mandate for either children or their parents. We respect your own judgement. However, should you experience

any symptoms of concern, such as high fever, kindly abstain from participating at the event this time, and we wish you’ll visit us for the next opportunity!

b) Bathroom Policy

We encourage you to be with your child(ren) in case they need to use the bathroom. However, if you’re not present, we have a few qualified ladies to assist if needed. They will NOT enter the bathroom with your child(ren) per our child safe protocol. We also appreciate your understanding in this matter in advance.



c) Healthcare Station

We set up a Healthcare Station near the waterslide. We have qualified RNs to assist with any minor concern. We will also hang multiple mosquito lights as well as sprays and lotions. Hand sanitizers, masks, etc., are available at the station as well.When you are leaving, please visit the registration table to check out. Each child will receive a grab bag to take home. We thank you for your cooperation in advance!


Event Details

Event Details

Please check detailed schedule at our website:

Hope we’ll see you this Friday, at Back 2 FUN!  together!

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