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Summer Event for kids!

Summer Event for kids!

"Fun Fun Summer with Jesus!"

"Fun Fun Summer with Jesus!"

                  e will be hosting a one-day program for children aged 6 - 12




 on Sunday,  July 17th!

Check In starts at 1:00 p.m.  We will have fun activities including a 18' H dual lane water slide, water games, and ice cream treat after the Bible message!

Capacity is limited, so register TODAY to secure the spot for your child!!

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Thanks for registering! We'll see you soon!!

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1. Check In

1:00 p.m. ~

All participants needs to check in at the Check In/Check Out Center

( see mapThere are two stations - Pre-registered and Walk-Ins. If you have already registered online, please proceed to either Pre-registered or Pre-registered/Walk-Ins station. If you have not registered online, proceed to Walk-Ins station only.

After the volunteer check your child in, they'll provide event wrist band for both parent/gurdian and your child. (We have wrist band in multiple sizes that may fit to your size ) Please keep these wrist band with you as this will be used at the moment of check out.  

If you child has a specific medical condition and/or concerns, please do notify us at the Check In/Check Out Center.

2. Admission Fee 

We leave it up to you!

To offset the event cost, should you be able to contribute a free will donation of $5, $10, or whatever the amount, we'll be grateful. A contribution can be dropped off at the check-in table.

However, this in this time of inflation, if you cannot contribute, we totally understand that and no worries, we still want you to come join us and enjoy the event for free! It'll be on us!!

3. Water Fun Activities - part 1

1:00 p.m. ~

All fun activities are open :)

18 foot high giant dual water slide, slip %mini water pool,  water gun battle, water balloon fight and bubble center. Please have your kids pay attention to the instructor in each activity.

4. Bible Lesson

2:00 p.m. ~

Our Pastor Jeremy is a master story teller!

And guess what? He loves kids!!

Your kids will have a fun time learning of God who loves little children sooooooo much!!

5. Ice Cream Time!

2:15 ~ 2:45 p.m.

Right after the Bible Lesson, we'll provide Ice Cream Break Time!

Children goes first, then parents/gurdians, then even our volunteers.

It will be a blast!!  Have a great time!!

6. Water Fun Activities - part 2

 ~ 6:00 p.m.

Resuming all fun activities :)

7. Check Out - receive a take home gift bag!

6:00 p.m. ~

After the event is over, or whenever you leave the site, please be sure to stop by our Check Out Center ( see map ). Per safety protocol, we request you to identify both child and parent/gurdian will match in our computer system. Provide your phone number and we'll generate a quick text (or email) to your mobile device. Simply text/email back us by typing YES to acknowledge their safe pick up. We thank you for your corporation in advance. 

Upon departure, we'll provide a take home gift bag to each child.

We hope to see you soon :)

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