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We're Committed to Our Kids...

Kids Matter at FBC
They are incorporated into our weekly worship services, and every effort is
made to provide for the needs of each stage of development.

Infants & Toddlers

Our Family Room/Nursery is available to all parents of young children. The room is equipped with access to our service via livestream, dimmable lighting, rocking chairs, nursing area, changing table & supplies, and private bathroom. It is professionally cleaned on a weekly basis.

Our kids message is all about a mystery box. Each week, a child takes the box home and puts an item of their choosing inside. It could be a toy, book, game, piece of candy, action figure... anything they like! The child then brings the box to the service on Sunday, where they will surprise our pastor (and everyone) with the mystery item. Our pastor then spontaneously uses the item to teach the kids something about God. It's fun for everyone, and it's different every week! 

Kid's Message


Kids Worship
Pre K & Up

Kids Worship takes place during the second half of our service on Sunday mornings. During this time, there are Bible lessons, activities, games, treats, and parties for birthdays and other special occasions. It's a time where kids have the chance to play together and learn about God. All Kids Worship leaders are members of the church and have passed background checks. 

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