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Sundays at FBC are opportunities for encouragement, special moments set aside to hear God's voice. Our Worship services are opportunities to be actively reminded of God's love. Whatever you are facing in life, we hope you will find something that speaks to your need. 

Sundays at 10:30 am

Scripture Readings:
Featured passages relate to what we will be studying that week

Worship Music:
Our music is contemporary. Worship is led by our team: singers, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, and keyboard.

Pastoral Prayer:
Lifting up our time of worship and remembering those who are going through difficult times

Confession of Faith:
Together we recite The Apostles' Creed or The Nicene Creed

Children's Message:
Each week, a child brings in a surprise item for our pastor to spontaneously use to teach our children about God

Systematic progression through a book of the Bible or a section of Scripture (i.e. The Ascent Psalms), presented in a dynamic way

God's blessing spoken over the congregation as they go out into the week


- Special times of celebration & remembrance -

At FBC, we practice what is known as Credo Baptism, or Baptism by Immersion. We recognize that there are differing modes of baptism, practiced by various denominations of the Christian faith. Because we appreciate the unique imagery present in baptism by immersion, it is our exclusive mode of baptism for all who wish to take this step in their faith journey. 




On the first Sunday of each month, and on special occasions during the year, we enjoy the Lord's Supper together as a congregation. It is a wonderful time to remember Christ's sacrifice, and to experience the blessing of a special moment of fellowship with Him. This time is open to all who know Christ, whether you are a member of FBC or visiting with us.

Want to know more?

Check out our What We Believe page, to learn more about our views on baptism and communion.

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